I hail from a small town named Arakkonam (India). Being well known for locomotives, the place was always bustling with rails moving about. This nurtured a fascination in me for railway tracks and networks. The flexibility and movement of the changing tracks was always something of a miracle to the young mind. This, i believe, instilled an early interest in making hand-made models and in awe of the concept of flexible spatial design. Five years of architecture school honed my interest supplemented with a wide range of subjects from history, building construction to sustainability and energy efficiency. Three years of my professional experience taught me to tackle situations at site and the process from design to breaking ground reality. Finally at the end of my two years of International Masters ar KU Leuven which has been an incredible journey from designing a Bio-school in Morocco, Rehabilitating the Grain silos in Portugal and to studying the dynamics of the city of Santa Cruz de le sierra in Bolivia. Ten years of my architectural journey has also made me keen in  developing spatial configurations with the help of climatic strategies and the usage of different materials in achieving the results.
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