Gent, Belgium
Ar. Luc Eeckhout
Evr Architecten
The Re-Gen hub is an analysis of how efficiently networks of energy systems can contribute to making self-sustaining neighbourhoods. It focuses on how modifying practices at an individual (micro) level can bring a collective action at the societal (macro) level, thereby leading to a systemic change in generating local energy. It also focuses on bringing in this systemic change at a macro to micro-level through an experiential space. This research explores the potential in reducing energy consumption and regeneration at Muide-Meulestede, Gent in its continually changing socio-economic fabric.

Re-Gen Hub - Muide

Centralized Network
Centralized Network
Decentralize Network
Decentralize Network

Current Scenario

Proposed Scenario

Lifecycle - Loods 33 Muide, Gent

Design Development

Elevation - Port Arthurlaan

Site plan

Bio-Gas Power house - Neighborhood

Power House - Energy Generation

Power House - Energy Storage

Housing System

Layers of Building

Urban Courtyard - Entrance Patio

Section AA

Residence  Patio

Office Patio

Elevation - Port Grootdok

Master Thesis - Jury Presentation 

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