Chennai, India 
KSM Architecture
Project Name : KSM Studio
Client : KSM Architecture
Project Timeline : 4 months
Location : Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Design Team : K.S Money, Sriram Ganapathi,Siddharth Money, S Seran, Ragini, Ponvinod, Deepak Jain, Sidharth T, Vaishnavi R, Jayaprakash Reddy
Photo Credits : Sreenag BRS 
The designers and engineers of KSM Architecture set out to design and build a new studio for themselves in the midst of the city's emerging commercial hub. An east facing plot of 380 sq.m with an existing 35 year old temple and four trees was chosen. Sripuram Colony, 1st Street is quite typically an Indian street with a mixed land use.
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