Chennai , India
Volume Zero
Andrew Patterson, Sameep Padora,
Rafiq Azam, Didier Ryan , Abraham Cota Paredes
In Collaboration with Ammar Aziz Chowdhoury
The competition brief was to design a house of not more than 250 sq.ft with an emphasis on sustainability and indoor-outdoor connectivity. The chosen client for the project are the dynamic migrant labour population looking for the basic facilities available within their level of affordability. Spaces under flyovers, rail-bridges and metros are mostly unused and despite being centrally located, the spaces are scarcely paid attention to, thereby becoming redundant or as trash disposal zones/parking. By allowing a few housing modules to be executed, it will have a positive effect on the urban setting of the area with improved public spaces like pathways, parks etc.

Adaptable - Minimal House

Lower Level

Upper Level

Minimal Community 

Materials Circularity 

Section  - Minimal House

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